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Social Media Marketing

Attract. Engage. Convert

Social media marketing is a two-way street. What you give is what you get in return. If you provide targeted, relevant content to your social media users, you can connect with potential customers and generate quality leads. To make you the reigning champion of social media, DigitalRocket will help you connect with right prospects on right platforms through our social media marketing services.

With over a billion people connected online, it is important that your social media content and communication should add value to the lives of customers. Getting social interaction right on the digital realm is critical to your business success and also requires reliable expertise and deep domain knowledge. Our affordable and professional social media marketing services spans across all of the major social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and more to help you command social engagement on every social platform.

Our Social Media Marketing Plan consists of three critical components:

  • Planning social strategy to attract audience:

    Few tweets and status updates cannot help you rule the social selling world. As your social media partner, DigitalRocket will help you develop a strategic social marketing plan by analyzing your ideal audience and determining how they behave within social community. Our social strategists and Internet marketing experts will create a social media campaign designed to attract right audience and bring your brand closer to them.
  • Engaging your audience:

    Our online marketing plans are built around generating social engagement through unique and useful social content. We help you build a passionate fan base and genuine followers by telling your powerful story, participating in discussions, sparking further conversation to get more brand coverage across all social networks and doing cross channel promotion.
  • Measuring and refining to convert leads:

    We use effective social media monitoring tools to measure potential success metrics such as tweets, comments, outposts, social PR, social blog; analyze social marketing results; and refine strategy to convert more and more quality leads.

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