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About Us

Creativity knows no boundaries and we love going beyond your imagination and expectation. As a Digital Marketing Company, we offer digital strategy consulting,
planning & creativity and end-to-end digital solutions to accomplish your commercial goals. We have mastered the art of eMarketing to maximize the potential,
position and performance of our clients. We measure, analyze, optimize and improve digital marketing strategies
to keep pace with the shifting customer expectations and behavior.

Our Mission

At DigitalRocket, we are determined to be your trusted digital marketing partner. We compassionately serve our clients and committed to deliver quality service every time that will enable our clients to grow and succeed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of online marketing and web designing services globally and provide out-of-the box solutions that drive our clients’ revenue and inspire business growth.

Why Choose DigitalRocket?

We love going beyond conventional digital media marketing to get you the results you want.
At DigitalRocket, our digital marketing mantra is “Think Differently, Work Uniquely.”

We don’t aim at goal; we work to achieve that goal. We work from ground up to understand your business, market and customer to curate a distinctive digital strategy, exclusive to your business vision..
Our digital marketing solutions are designed to affect the core of a business. To accelerate your business growth online, you require a true marketing strategy, nothing less. We offer true digital solutions for real results.

Our ‘C5’ Golden Principles that Empower Us

We are driven by ‘C5 Golden Principles’ that dictate our culture, brand and services. Our principles are fundamental to
our urge for innovation and value-based business approach.


Understanding clients' needs and dedicating ourselves fully to achieve their goals.

Client Value Creation

Creating long-term relationships with our clients by providing creative and compelling services.


Pursuing innovative and creative ideas that have the potential to change the online world.


Adhering to our principles to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients always, within time and budget.

Company’s Workforce

Providing a high-energy work environment to encourage creativity in our employees and empower them to give their best.

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